Choosing the right ERP system can help you increase productivity of your business’s processes. It can be complicated to select the right ERP and often there is a lot at stake.

If your company is considering an ERP implementation, check out our list below of ERP selection criteria when exploring how to select an ERP system.

1. Define why you want to implement an ERP

The first question you need to answer is: what are the features that your business needs to achieve with an ERP system?

Make a list of the functional capabilities that you could accomplish with the right ERP system. If you already have an existing ERP system, review what it’s missing and what additional features your organization need to improve productivity.

Here’s a guideline to follow if you have an existing ERP:

  • The software is not meeting your requirements
  • The current software is not fulfilling its purpose
  • Your customers are complaining as your efficiency is reduced due to the shortcomings of existing ERP software
  • Your competitors are getting ahead of you
  • Your company is growing and you need more features
  • It is costing a lot to maintain your current ERP system

If you want to implement an ERP system for the first time, you can follow these guidelines below:

  • You use excel or legacy software to keep track of your business data
  • You don’t have any documentation of your business operations
  • You need features that can help you increase productivity
  • Different departments of your company need a more efficient way to collaborate
  • Your business needs proper documentation and reports
  • Your customers are not satisfied due to delays from your end
  • Your competitors are getting ahead due to a better system implementation

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2. Determine who will be involved

It’s necessary that your whole team are aware of the ERP implementation process and that they can give their input of thoughts and needs.

The ERP selection should be a collaborative process that involves departments and team members who will be using the ERP system. Conduct interviews with different teams and review existing processes to understand better what your business can improve. When scheduling product demos, include team members in the meeting and discuss together how the ERP can benefit business productivity in each department.

Involving the right people during this phase is extremely important to be to take full advantage of an ERP.

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3. Find an ERP partner who you trust

After laying out your internal needs, it’s time to research and make a list of reliable vendors. Stick to your list of ERP requirements and goals to find ERP vendors who align with what you are looking for. Examples include Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Infor, and SAP.

Large ERP vendors such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 have partners who are committed to selling and implementing their ERP software. These ERP partners can help you choose the best ERP software for your business and explain the features in a detailed way with a product demo.

When looking for an ERP partner it is important to choose one who have a stable company and a future vision. Other important things to consider is partners who are:

  • Industry specialized
  • Financially stable
  • Future vision
  • Successful track record
  • Flexible
  • Can customize and develop more features for your ERP

After making your list of the ERP vendors and partners, you can contact them to schedule a meeting with an ERP consultant to get more details of the ERP system that suits you and to receive a proposal with ERP price, details, and any other important information that you need to know before deciding what ERP to choose.

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When choosing the right ERP software for your business it is important to keep in mind the cost of ERP, the implementation time, and the training and support you’ll receive afterwards.

If you would like to explore Dynamics 365 ERP, you can contact Calsoft today for a scheduled demo. We have over 20+ years of experience and are Microsoft Gold Partners. Let us help you decide which ERP suits your company’s requirements.